Beauty Tips for January

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I have really bad Eczema during the summer months and struggle to find a body wash that i can use in the shower/bath. Can you recommend any products i can use that won't make it worse? Rachel, Alderley Edge

Hi Rachel, Eczema can be an extreamly painful and irritating skin condition. However there are products about for both children and adults that you can use at home to keep eczema under control. You could try AVEENO® Soothing Relief Bath Treatment which contains 100% natural colloidal oatmeal, which is the whole oat grain that has been specially prepared and milled to a fine powder so that it disperses well in bath water and it is known as a skin-soothing ingredient. And because individuals with eczema are often sensitive to fragrances and perfumes, this natural cleanser is fragrance free, provides temporary skin protection and relieves irritation and itching. Hope this helps!

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